A word or two on the beautiful game

I've watched some wonderful football at Portman Road over the years but it has been pretty rubbish over the last few seasons. Lately I've really struggled to keep hopeful and to view this as a good use of my time and money.
Yesterday we went to watch a game on a wet night that we had no chance of winning. We only really went as it was against Arsenal and playing a team like them is just so exciting when you only get to see great football on the television.
And then we won. Just like that.
Today the world is a better place and there is hope.


Vera Amos said…
Grrr, but would much rather lose to Ipswich than any other team.
Anonymous said…
I am astonished how much you are into The Bluers!! I still follow them religiously, albeit from Saudi, and have been disappointed with their form over the past few years. I remember going to the games when at SJC - great fun! Take Care WW
Unknown said…
Dear WW
I could never turn my back on the Mighty Town!
Love to you and yours xx

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