Wanted : A Dummies Guide to Pruning

I am trying really hard not to be ill today - it is such a lovely shiny day that I feel very uncomfortable staying indoors.
On my To Do List for a long time has been 'prune the wisteria'. This grows haphazardly up the front of the house. I love it for all that it promises but, as it never flowers, I don't really like it.
I have therefore left well alone the last two years and it has grown and grown, twisted and curled around itself and covered most of the front of the house as well as creeping up the side and even into the fascias. Such is its freedom that it pulled our phoneline out of the wall causing me to make several angry calls to Talk Talk before a BT engineer came out and showed me the torn wire (bizarrely, it cost me nothing).
So, I have just wobbled my way up a ladder and tried my best to get my wisteria to resemble all the trimmed and pruned ones that I see as I drive around.

Whilst up the ladder I realised I don't understanding pruning. I don't really have a plan of what I am trying to achieve. I have to ask my Dad each year what I am supposed to do to my rose bushes. With the wisteria, I think I am supposed to leave one strong main branch in each direction rather than bundles (although I can still see bundles in the photo) and I think this will 'condense' the energy into these branches so that we see some flowers. We definitely get enough sun.
This would be totally forgiveable had I not studied botany at college.....


Vera Amos said…
As far as I know I think wisteria is temperamental so be careful when pruning, or google it!
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow hope your feeling better.xx
Unknown said…
Pruning terrifies me too and I have two wisteria to face. I did laugh at your last line

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