One Day by David Nicholls - no spoilers!

I finished reading One Day at the weekend. I cried when it finished and I had shed a tear or two before then as well. It was a wonderful read; full of love and hope, humour and upset.
The first chapter is set in the late 80s, as the couple finish their degrees in Edinburgh. It is St Swithin's Day and the book checks in with them on this day for the next twenty years.
It was immediately of interest as Emma and Dexter are just a little older than me and I studied at Edinburgh around the same time. I could identify with the cultural references throughout the book - the drug culture I wasn't part of in the early 90's, Labour's win in '97, the war in Iraq - and I loved Emma.
I rarely cry when I read a book; I am much more likely to cry in response to something I have seen. Whether it was lost youth, the story itself or remembering first love(s) I have no idea but One Day still stays with me a week on and I would recommend it to anyone - although my friend's Mum didn't enjoy it, so perhaps it's ideal for a 40-something.
Oh and it's educational - I will always remember that 15 July is St Swithin's.


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