Toilet training :: The update

I think Playgroup might have muddled Scarlett with another child. She was certainly not toilet-trained. We have had long periods of time sitting on toilets, I have purchased a padded Peppa Pig seat, we have offered all manner of treats and we have had no wees or poos in the toilet or on the potty.
So as from Good Friday, we will be leaving the "knick-cars" behind and using the warm weather to introduce naked training in the garden.
I stayed with a friend this week and she was on days two and three of cold turkey toilet training. Apparently Day One was horrendous. I think our day one has been the last two weeks - I have even had to take apology chocolates to nursery as they had seen Scarlett soil four pairs of pants and two outfits.
As for The Audrey - well, she remains 'sensitive' and I was pretty fed up when I returned home from my 22 hour escape to hear she had peed on the carpet twice when Dan and Scarlett had been upstairs (and she had been put outside). I am wondering if I should be considering medication - for her, not me.
Not yet anyway.


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