5 magazines a month

I have a glut of magazines land on my mat around now. Red and The Knitter and then Psychologies. At the Country Living fayre this year, I subscribed to their magazine - 'When in Rome' and all that - so now that comes along with its beautiful covers.

And then I found this beauty:

Just £5 for the first three issues. So beautiful. So inspiring. A lovely free gift to make too. What's not to like?
If the next two are as good as the first then I will need to find the money for this as well.
But one will have to go.
Psychologies was a present so I assume it will run out at the end of the year. 
Country Living was paid for up front so I can choose not to renew.
Red is non-negotiable as it keeps my finger on the pulse of what's happening and what I should be wearing.
I am finding The Knitter increasingly at odds with the things I like to make but everytime I say that there is something I like.
Which magazines do you read?


Milly Allender said…
Country Living and Red are the only two I religiously buy. I started buying CL a long time ago but always used to look at my mums. Not for the written content but the amazing floral photography. I used to cut out all the gorgeous pics and stick them on my bedroom wall (no boybands for me, except Michael Hutchins). My love of photgraphy stemmed from there (pardon the pun). I have three blown up snaps taken at Kew Gardens but have never matched their breathtaking photography. May it carry on for many more years to come.

As for Red magazine. It's a bit hit and miss with me and it's articles but always great features and classic fashion. Items you can buy that'll last forever, not just once.

M x

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