Happy days

I love Cornwall, but I really love Falmouth. I have been visiting for so long that I know where everything is and as soon as I unfurl from the car (6.5 hours door to door if you don't stop) I am relaxed. I am also happy.
It is hard to leave Dan for a week, especially as having Scarlett means I am now separating them.
But it is good for my soul to be with my friends, my special Cornish-dwelling friends.
Last year was a little bit of a disaster - Scarlett was two, she didn't sleep, she screamed a lot during the day, she didn't eat much and I became fraught. This year she was a dream - so much so that I spent a fortune on stripy tops for her in SeaSalt.


Vera Amos said…
Wow, looks like you had a lovely time, Falmouth is gorgeous, I have only visited once but would love to visit more. Nx

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