Blog Block

I have no idea what to write about.
I have considered giving up this blog.
In fact, this time last week this post was going to be along the lines of 'So long, and thanks for all the fish'.
But here I am.
I can't promise much, but I will try.
I will try to get back to writing regularly - Thursday nights, usually around 9pm - and I will try to Think Blog when I am working my way through my day.

I am a plate spinner. I have said this many times. At the moment I have a few extra plates to spin.
After a lovely week in France I came home resolving to keep everything in its box and to work through some of the items that have been on my To Do list. The box of photo frames in our bedroom have been rehomed, Scarlett's shelves have been painted and I have dealt with everything that takes two minutes or less to do.
This, along with work, home and family has kept me nice and busy.

So, just to cover a few of our recent activities - here are some photos from the Open Day at my allotment:

And here are a couple from France:

See you soon.


easternsparkle said…
Blog without obligation,Emma!! When I started I wrote almost every day and have now slowed right down to sometimes only fortnightly (at best!) posts! x

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