Summer 2011

Summer 2010 was probably one of the toughest periods of my life. I was surviving on no sleep, I had paid a huge amount of money for a puppy we couldn't leave or toilet train, sad things happened, everything I did or tried to do seemed a struggle, my daughter was throwing the most almighty over-tired tantrums and I cried.
My memories of my lovely garden on a sunny day were in danger of becoming ruined, as that is where I used to sit and cry - behind my sunglasses.
But we are building new memories this year. We all sleep,  none of us wees anywhere we shouldn't, no-one seems to get cross (well not for long anyway) and I have found a balance of work and life.
It seems quite peaceful and I think we are happy.
So who cares if it is raining and the rioting has shaken my faith in humanity.
In my little corner of the world there is love, and that makes my world go around.


Deb@carrots said…
So glad this summer is shaping up to be better. While the riots can and do colour your view of the world, they can also make you feel extremely grateful for your corner of the world too xx

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