Thin(ner) and happier

I am at my lightest in 11 years. It feels great and I like how I look. I don't feel so bloated and I feel happier because I know I look OK.
Does that make me shallow?
Happiness can't be about weight, but it is about feeling in control.
To find a way of living that doesn't involve waking up cross with myself, trying to eat low calorie foods, then failing and getting cross all over again is really quite liberating.
I feel that I am keeping on top of so many other things in my life too, as if I have freed up lots of time.
Don't get me wrong, it's not all sugar-free meals and weight loss. There are times that need to be negotiated with caution. Like tonight, a difficult day at work - not bad, just taxing - and when I got home I felt as though I needed a reward. And I contemplated all sorts of foods.
What kept me on the straight and narrow was the knowledge it wouldn't make me feel good.
It really is that simple I suppose.
Shame I didn't work it out years ago.


Snappy.girl said…
It so frustrating isn't it! When you find something that works, it's like couldn't i have worked this out year's ago! How are you doing it? xx

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