And then I came over all silly....

I was 7 years old when Marc Bolan died.
I don't remember much about it as Elvis had died a month earlier and my Mum was so devastated there was little room for much else upset.
When I was about 12, around the time I started to develop a crush on Adam Ant, my Mum suggested I listen to some T-Rex - it was a men-in-make-up-thing.
Without the internet and music channels, I didn't really see Marc Bolan perform so I mostly listened and read biographies.
Time passed and Marc Bolan had slipped my mind until I heard that our local theatre had written and produced 20th Century Boy.
My husband and I loathe the back catalogues of pop stars being turned into musicals, having been traumatised by Tonight's The Night and some paper sailors hats.
So there we were, slightly cautious, sitting in the theatre with my Mum and step-father. The lights went down, the play started and then 'T-Rex' came out on the stage.
I was hit by an over-whelming surge of emotion which didn't seem to leave until the lights came back up almost three hours later.
It's a great play - really great - and the acting is incredible. By the end it felt as though we were at a rock concert, everyone was up dancing and cheering. I was even waiting for an encore.
After three glasses of red wine on an empty stomach, I told the chap who played Marc Bolan how amazing he was, more than once. I think I even told him I wanted to kiss his shoes - is that what you do to rock stars?
Poor lad is 21......
Oh the shame.


Vera Amos said…
Wine is an evil thing, I can just imagine you slightly sloshed, being all silly, 'giggly girly' over a Marc Bolan impersonator. You do make me laugh. :)))) xx

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