Beaches and pebbly places

This photo was taken at Felixstowe on Saturday. You wouldn't believe how blue, sunny and warm it was when 24 hours later it was cold and gloomy.
Scarlett learned to fly a kite and the importance of holding on to it - even when you fall over.
In a week, we had a cold afternoon on Thorpeness beach with a friend I hadn't seen for years, a two day stay with a close friend in the sun at Aldwick / Bognor and then the lovely Felixstowe beach hut.
We have the hut this week, our last visit of 2011 no doubt.
Tuesday was my nephew's final day before he started school so we refused to be held indoors by the weather. We marched up the promenade in winds so strong I nearly lost the children. We ate at our favourite restaurant and then we returned to the beach and ran around in the sand.
I'd like to say we all slept well that night but Scarlett was woken by a failing nappy and a wet bed at 2.30am and didn't get back to sleep until nearly 5.
Wednesday's trip to the beach hut then was all about me drinking black coffee and trying to pull myself together.
Back tomorrow ....


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