Projects.... projects.....

On Thursday my Aunt and I met at the Knitting and Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace. I cannot believe I haven't been before as it is right up my metaphorical street. Shunning a £70 train fare, I paid £22 and travelled almost door to door by coach - obviously the youngest onboard but a perfectly pleasant journey sitting next to a really nice lady.
I should have taken more photos but I honestly forgot. Penny and I chatted and looked, touched everything and bought plenty. After a cheeky lunchtime glass of wine, my spending saw a rapid increase - I was quite literally writing cheques that my bank could not cash (at that time).
It has given me a good kick up the creative backside too. Having seen Jane Crowfoot's completed Mystery Crochet Project I am now inspired to carry on and get it FINISHED. I would also really like to sign up to the 2012 one as well. After meeting Jane Greenoff I was inspired to try some cross stitch. Following her advice I have something small and pretty here.....
I have Christmas presents for the women in my life sorted and there are plans in my head for one of the rooms above the pub.
However, I am most excited by Swedish company MillaMia. I am always frustrated by the lack of contemporary designs for little people, but these two just have to be made:

Towards the end of the day, I had some precious time with the lovely Nicky, a chat with the very inspiring Emma King and a great catch up with Juliet from The Knitter.
I'll be going again next year ... and by coach.

I might have done the cross-stitch by then.


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