This is me in 100 words

I ran an animal behaviour consultancy practice (under my maiden name Magnus) for fifteen years. I decided I needed a change and almost immediately found out I was pregnant. Four years on, life is fun – I work for the Orwell Lady, KDS Print & Design, Fur & Feather magazine, Highcliff Veterinary Practice and am Editor of The Ipswich Gardener. My husband is Landlord of the Greyhound Public House in Ipswich. I prioritise time with our daughter Scarlett and also look after our home, two dogs and an allotment whilst keeping up my hobbies of twitter, football, blogging, knitting and crocheting.


Unknown said…
You pack a lot into 100 words! So are you a bit of a dog whisperer then?
Emma said…
I have been called that in the past ....!

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