Why I love twitter

Sometimes, when I am a bit lonely, twitter gives me someone to talk to.
If it doesn't give me someone to talk to, then it gives me plenty to read.
I have found a great yoga class that is at a time when I have childcare (via @emma_gibbons).
Next Wednesday, I am going to visit a stitch and knit morning at Halfpenny Home in Needham Market.
I heard about this gathering by following @halfpennyhome.
I have solved Scarlett's overnight nappy issues just by asking what other parents use.
There are two or three groups of 'friends' that I can chat with.
We have created a real sense of community for the pub.
Kate Silverton, Amanda Holden, Brendan Cole and Idris Elba have all replied to my tweets.

Actually Idris Elba hasn't...... but I keep hoping.


dramaqueenjane said…
I'll be joining you at the yoga class after I've finished the play, I used to work with Emma at DanceEast. I totally agree with your post - Twitter has been a saviour for me being on my own. I have met so many new like minded people, who I know I would not otherwise have met. And yes we do meet up and socialise but didn't know each other before Twitter. And it's been great catching up with you Emma after all these years. People who don't tweet don't know what they're missing.
Vera Amos said…
I am obviously following the wrong people, don't think Joey Essex will reply to me or Keith Lemon! Nx

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