Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Christening the new apron

Apron made by Nicky, cheese scones made by us for Daddy.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Adding to my To Do list and clearing my mind

I signed up to Jane Crowfoot's Crochet Club last year and then pretty much forgot all about it until this big box of beautiful yarn arrived last Sunday.
I am now trying hard to finish off my commissions, get on top of all the work I suddenly seem to have picked up and accept more sleep deprivation at the hands of a really small dog so that I can get started.

On Saturday I was encouraged to escape to Hertfordshire for a day's knitting - I hardly ever pick up my needles anymore so this was a real treat. I cannot recommend time spent at Dancing Hens enough.

I even learned how to block my work and now I know why I should do it.
Saying goodbye to curly edges......

Thursday, 13 January 2011

A word or two on the beautiful game

I've watched some wonderful football at Portman Road over the years but it has been pretty rubbish over the last few seasons. Lately I've really struggled to keep hopeful and to view this as a good use of my time and money.
Yesterday we went to watch a game on a wet night that we had no chance of winning. We only really went as it was against Arsenal and playing a team like them is just so exciting when you only get to see great football on the television.
And then we won. Just like that.
Today the world is a better place and there is hope.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Year, New Me?

When I was younger, or perhaps when I had more time on my hands, I would spend ages planning New Year Resolutions. I have books and diaries filled with new rules, new ideas and new aims.
Two years ago, it was suggested to me that resolving to do less, not more was the way forward. I felt this was a great idea. Surely resolutions suggest that you don't think you are good enough as you are?
Last year, I had forgotten all that and reverted to some pledges. Here is how I did:
Knit a Pair of Socks - started but not finished.
Eat More Real Food - tick.
Think 'Does it really matter?' Before I React - nice idea, not a hope.
Learn How to Use Skype - my computer keyboard locked when it was installed.
Listen to More Music, Watch Less Television - no more or less than usual I suspect, although I did create an attachment to the Archers ...?
Stop Taking Scarlett To Classes She Doesn't Enjoy - This started well but we spent a whole summer term with me doing Toddler Yoga and Scarlett sitting in a corner.
To Keep Scarlett at Home When She Is Having A Bad Day - as she had a pretty tough 2010 this would have become a little claustrophobic.
To Make Sure Dan Knows How Much I Appreciate Him - again, a tough 2010 but I think we ended well.

How was I to know we were going to have such a tough, tired and challenging year.
I'm lucky I achieved anything.

So, what to do for this year? I wrote a few things inside my diary (just because everyone kept asking me what I had resolved) but one week on I'm feeling a bit more realistic - so here are my New Year Hopes:
I want to finish 2011 with all the people I start with.
I intend to prioritise myself and my family throughout the year.
I need to use or lose the gym and the allotment.
I'd really like to finish those socks, visit Scotland, find a sewing course and for Dan to follow his dreams.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

This is my first post typed exclusively on my iPhone and, I'm sure, the first time I have blogged from bed. I woke up a little tired and grumpy you see so Dream Husband has taken over. I've even had breakfast in bed.
I feel life has been a little out of control since Christmas so I have not made any plans, nor resolutions for 2011.
I will be back with them, and a reflective look at last Year's.
In the meantime love and best wishes xx