I am not very creative

I can knit and I can crochet - but I couldn't design anything.
I love colours but have no idea how to put them together.
I can't draw or paint.
I don't have that knack of making things look pretty or as if they are meant to be together.
I love taking photos but I am definitely not a photographer.

However, technology has helped me to appear much more creative than I really am.
Twitter introduced me to Instagram. Instagram is like facebook for photographers, although everyone is much nicer to each other.

Most importantly, I can take a photo like this:

And turn it into this:

And then there is Picframe. I can take these photos:

And create this:

It makes you wonder how creative people really are.


Hehe I know what you mean!! I love Instagram so much, I think I am more addicted to it than Facebook these days. My photography/creativity has developed in leaps and bounds since using it :)

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