To resolve, or not

Being a planner, a list writer and an organiser - it is hard for me not to make any resolutions. For the last two days, I have been walking around with my notebooks thinking that at any moment I will sit down and write some. But nothing has happened.

Since changing my way of eating quite dramatically, I have no need for dieting pledges. Having given up half my allotment, I have no need for the Use It or Lose It mantra of last year. My gym closed down in November and as I haven't missed it, I haven't found another (and now I realise that what I eat, not what exercise I do is what affects weight loss, I don't have the same motivation). My work/life balance is not too bad, if anything I am taking on more work in 2012 as I have been able to see some space. I have my weekly yoga class and knitting group that are perfect 'me time'. I see my friends and family as much as I want to, I have good habits surrounding skincare, my relationship is in good nick and our house is as clean and uncluttered as I can manage.

But still I feel as if I should be promising something.

I suppose I'd like to find a way to be less distracted by e mails, twitter, facebook, instagram and television but that's a discipline I'm not sure could last 365 (sorry, 362) days as sometimes really interesting things are happening.
I would love to lose some of my recent reluctance towards driving on motorways. I have found our A Road Adventures liberating, but I need Dan in the car to do the navigation - or I must replace him with a Sat Nav, which seems unfair.
I'd like to train myself to use the spare room as an office rather than balancing the laptop whilst parenting, checking my iPhone and tripping over small dogs.

[I'm not saying resolutions are a waste of time. Three weeks ago, I finished the socks I pledged to make in 2010. Tick!]


Anonymous said…
Is there much call for motorway driving out your way?!

Go on, be brave x
Unknown said…
Yes, to get anywhere - further than Brentwood or Norwich!
Anonymous said…
Hi Emma - I remember your Grandmother and her face when I dressed as a caveman!!! We live in Glos (when not in the ME). Meat eater hey - I recall 'eat naturally' in Norwich - do you?

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