Look back only to learn

Love and Life - as I knew it - came to an abrupt halt on Monday February 27th at 6.30pm.
For a long long time I was just breathing and parenting.
But I am here as our world is getting back on track. Slowly.
It is far too personal and sad to share our story here, nor would it be appropriate for those involved, but as I feel ready to move forward so I feel ready to return to writing publicly.


Emma, life often throws you curve balls, turning your life upside down. What's important is you take the ball and think where you want to throw it too. Don't dodge it, and that is what makes you stronger but confronting things and dealing with them. Hope life is getting back to an even keel, look forward to reading some more funny things on your blog....
Vera Amos said…
Just to say, here, here to previous comment. xx

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