I want to blog .....

....... but I no longer have an idea of what to write about.
One of my life rules is to try and remember that if people want my advice they will ask for it.
One of my twitter rules is not to tweet unless I have something to say.
But a blog should be regularly updated and offer an opinion, or at the very least a commentary.
This has become something I am very fond of - but not sure of.
I am not a brand, I don't have something to sell, I am not interested in self-promotion.
Love, Life and Knitting was created when my daughter was very small and I was adapting to a relatively empty life. Now she is older, I am working and socialising again and I'm pretty sure that the more fulfilling  interactions I have in my daily life, the less inclination I have to blog........
There are a million and one people blogging - many of them getting no comments - so who are we all talking to and why?
I genuinely have no idea!


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