The Two Week Wait

When we were trying to get pregnant, the 'two week wait' ( or 2WW) was a phrase commonly used to describe the time between ovulation and finding out if you had been successful. For three years and over the course of numerous unsuccessful treatments, I seemed to constantly count from 1 to 14.
Then Scarlett came along, and I stopped counting.
But there is another two week wait in the world of women's bodies and fertility.
If there is no heartbeat at an ultrasound scan then current NHS guidelines suggest you go home to miscarry naturally. You are asked to return in two weeks for another ultrasound which will determine whether you require 'surgical intervention'.
After waiting 4 years for a second pregnancy, and not being prepared for the possibility of a lost baby, waiting two weeks has felt like some kind of torture.
This is why I have pushed for intervention after ten days. We need to save my sanity, enable my husband to move forward and protect our daughter from any further disruption.
Maybe then we can focus on the most wonderful time of the year.


You need to do what's right for you and I'm sure gyny will understand this. It's so unfair Emma that this journey seems such a uphill struggle, I hope you have a peaceful Christmas and the new year is one of happier are in my prayers x

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