My White Bread Rant

I have been in hospital twice over the last few years and both times I have only been fed see-through white bread toast with butter and jam post-birth/post-op. As the NHS spend so much time (and resources) telling us what to eat, I cannot believe they feed such rubbish when we most need good nutrition.
Radio Suffolk were doing a phone-in on hospital food recently and I had the chance to ask Dr Dan Poulter why we cannot be fed wholemeal toast, if we must be fed cheap bread at all.
Apparently, we are fed white toast as it is a really easy food for us to digest, and this is important after the rigours of an anaesthetic.
My step-mother had a knee operation (with a general anaesthetic) in a BUPA hospital recently. I asked her what she ate when she woke up.
"Smoked salmon and scrambled egg with a bagel", she replied.
So it is all about money then.......


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