My summer so far.....

Just for once, the weather has been kind. Everything I have done that would have been enhanced by the sun, has been.
First was the annual Street Party on 2 June (an auspicious date as that was the last time I drank way too much wine) and we raised £200 for St Elizabeth Hospice and the British Heart Foundation. I love where we live. 
The following week, my friend organised a Teddy Bear's Picnic in Christchurch Park. More and more families arrived, my donations bucket got heavier and heavier and £2000 was raised for UNICEF.

Then I pushed myself into a sponsored 13.5 mile walk from Jimmy's Farm, around Alton Water, and back. I was way too relaxed about the training, and even bought new boots just two weeks before, but I finished, wasn't last and raised £410 for Suffolk Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Then it all becomes a bit more selfish.....

Over the course of two weeks, we have been to no less than three key sporting events. 
First the Grand Prix:

So much better than I had anticipated. We had a weekend ticket so managed to make qualifying (by the skin of our teeth) and returned for the main event after a lovely night out in Oxford. £165 seems a lot for a two hour race but the reality is that you are entertained all weekend (who knew the Red Arrows are so jaw-dropping incredible). 

Next came Wimbledon:

A spur of the moment ticket purchase but sadly everything over-priced once we were within the walls. However all I wanted was to see Lisciki play, and she won her game just as the drizzle started.

And then the first day of The Ashes:

As good as I imagined, despite the clouds - but rain did not stop play. 14 wickets in one day after a lovely evening in Nottingham with good friends.

So what next?


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