Ten things....

"I used to be self conscious about my height, but then I thought, f**k that, I'm Harry Potter." Daniel Radcliffe

This quote made me laugh so I thought it needed sharing.

I can't really comfort myself with the fact that my flaws are OK because I am a film star, solving world peace or even changing the world but I can see that what I see is not what others see.
I am pretty sure that if I asked my friends or family what they liked about me, it wouldn't involve my dress size, the state of my skin, the photos I put on instagram or even the clothes that I am wearing.
And I don't judge them that way.
I value compassion, passion, brains, humour, creativity and empathy in my friends.
However, trying to value myself is a minefield. It probably won't come as a surprise that I paint my nails, use body lotion, run, try to eat healthily... but I don't value my time at all. I am pinging from one thing to another constantly - and whilst this means I am the ultimate Jack of all Trades who can turn her hand to pretty much anything and appears as one of life's high achievers, there is a cost and that cost is tiredness which can manifest itself as over-thinking and worry.

I was asked today to write down ten things I want to do for me tomorrow and ten things I want to do for me in 2014. The aim was for me to be able to see what I wanted to do so that I could understand how to say no to things that perhaps I don't really want to do (but as my diary had a slot, I did them).
I managed three for tomorrow and two for 2014.

It's not that I don't have a zest for life - quite the opposite - it's just that all the things I can think of are either task-orientated or would make other people happy.


Anonymous said…
Emma you have and always will inspire me, I look up to you so much and love and actually listen to every piece of advice you give. Don't ever doubt yourself as you are amazing and if I can be half the person you are I would be happy. Xx

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