How I solved the Spanish Tweet Crisis

It happened on the evening of the Eurovision Song Contest.
I tweeted Spanish.
I said "MD 60 Bienvenido a Details&Chic. Descubre nuestras creaciones para tus grandes momentos" or similar.
[Interestingly, some of my friends - and how I love these people - just assumed I was bilingual.]
In the midst of Eurovision-related tweeting, laughing and (a little) drinking I must have clicked on one of the many Spanish spam tweets I receive at weekends.

The Spanish continued, unabated over the next few weeks. I read all the help issues on twitter, I set my account to protect my tweets, I changed my password, I changed my password, I changed my password.
But still my imposter continued.
I contacted twitter, I was given a case number - and they suggested I change my password.
I gave up.
A few weeks later, I realised that I spoke Spanish when I accepted a new follower.
I contacted twitter with this revelation, I was given a case number - and they suggested I change my password.

Last week I hit desperation and removed the twitter app from my phone and iPad via Settings - and as I did this I noticed that the password was my old password........
And then the penny dropped.
I had been tackling the problem via the main site but the new password wasn't registering on the twitter app despite logging in and out each time.
I changed my password once more for luck - et voila (I really can't speak Spanish) - it's over.


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