Elie the missing Elephant

Elie was bought for Scarlett when she was born.
But 'she' hasn't seen for over a month and this is causing much angst, particularly when the day has been long and a good sleep is needed.
We are not really a family who lose things (I am actually quite uptight so never really take anything too precious with us when we go anywhere and undertake a beachcomb before we leave).
I am so surprised that this has happened I just keep thinking I will open a drawer/bag/box and there 'she' will be.
We have been offered replacements by really kind friends - typically the style has been discontinued - but Scarlett is now of that age when she won't be fobbed off. She doesn't want a new one, she wants Elie back.
She wants Elie, smelling like Elie and looking seven years old.
So all I have left is to turn this into one of life's platitudes - that sad things happen, we do lose things that we love but we carry on and we do learn to live without them.

I'm sure there's another drawer I haven't checked.......


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