Going with the flow....?

Yesterday marked the end of my second year back at university - and the end of Level 4. I am pretty sure I have passed....
This academic year has been much harder for me than the last. Starting undergraduate sociology modules with no background in the subject has been hard hard work. There has been little time for anything other than family, work and study since October but now I am standing in the light at the end of the tunnel.
In fact today has been a rare day with no appointments, nobody expecting me, no work to do, nothing at all.
I had some mad idea that I was going to have some kind of detox day, surviving only on pureed vegetables and water but that was over before it had really started. I have however read yesterday's newspaper, finished the novel I have been slowly working through over the last few weeks and started on this month's Psychologies magazine.
There has also been a visit from the plumber (ultimatums do work), a leaking conservatory, a smashed bowl of risotto and a weepy daughter - but overall it has been a Good Day.
Unlike last year, I don't feel the need to fill my university days with something else.
I am going to work (of course), visit friends, enjoy (and care for) our lovely new home, do some exercise, read and just try to chill out a bit more.
Can the target-driven side of me just give in and do it?


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