Outrunning a good diet?

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I am feeling frustrated.
The age old problem of weight loss.
A few weeks ago there was a load of press coverage on something that I have known for a while - that exercise is really good for you but it doesn't always cause you to lose weight. So the science goes along the lines of - if you run for an hour, you will only burn enough calories to cover one meal a day. A day. So you have to run an hour every day, if you believe in the scientifically challenged theories of cutting 500 calories to lose one pound in weight a week.
Or you can just eat less, or you can do both.
But what if you eat really well, exercise a lot and the scales don't shift?
Questions buzzing around my head at the moment are:
Am I eating the wrong type of food?
Should I be fasting?
Do I have an intolerance?
Is it OK to eat some carbohydrate?
Should I eat no carbohydrate?
Are my portions too big?
I have spent so much time and money on these questions and still I am getting on and off scales and letting the number consume me.....


Vera Amos said…
ERm, I am resigned to the fact that at 45 I grew a belly, well more of a spare tyre, and yes I know I am exceptionally lucky. I embrace my tummy, I will never diet, I walk at least 4 miles every day so get the exercise I need. My one guilt is sugar how much I consume so if I am going to kick anything it has got to be sugar, someday!!!!!

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