The right knickers

Imagine the scene. It is New Year's Eve 2011, Scarlett is three and we are visiting friends in Bath. The children are playing at a play park just on the outskirts of the city centre when Scarlett announces she really needs the toilet whilst standing at the top of a very tall slide. By the time I have retrieved her, the inevitable has happened. Faced with no change of clothes (I have never been that sort of mother) I have no choice but to run to the nearest shops - almost closing, no pressure. It being Bath, these are The White Company and Joules. I have to buy knickers and jeans - and this event is subsequently christened The Most Expensive Wee in History.
Four years on. Scarlett has outgrown the £35 Joules jeans but The White Company's £10-for-two 2-3 year knickers are still going strong. They fit perfectly, as do the 3-4 and 4-5 pairs that I have bought in subsequent years. We have been through packets and packets of supermarket and high street knickers, some very pretty, some with characters, some with bows but all very soon faded, twisted and leaving marks on the skin.
We can't manage a week with just 6 pairs so we need more.
Imagine my horror to find that the 6-7 pants, in fact all the pants, have been sold out on The White Company website FOR AGES. I have tried Customer Services - they congratulated me on my love of their product and suggested I keep checking. Hmm.
A girl can't manage her day in the wrong knickers so I'm afraid we have gone with Johnnie Boden and his £24 for seven stripey pants (with great reviews) after he sent me a £10 enticement this morning.
Knickers have made me very middle class.


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