And then this happened.......

"Oh my goodness Scarlett you won't believe the time I've had since we were last together in Devon!
"Well firstly, as you probably know by now, I was scopped up with the other toys and put in the wrong suitcase. Then I was put in the wrong car and when I woke up I was in Bradford on Avon and there were three other elephants that looked very similar to me. I was a bit unsure at first but we soon became friends and have been generally having an elephantastic time. They eat jelly for breakfast here and have banana pizza which I found a bit odd. When we are all asleep the snoring is quite horrendous.
"I tried several times to tell them that I was just on holiday here and that I actually lived in Ipswich, they listened with interest to my tales of blankie and the new house but they seemed to think there were pirates in Ipswich and that it wasn't safe to go back. I tried to tell them it was a lovely friendly place but they kept on chanting "West is best, West is best" and making more jelly.
"Anyway time went on, Christmas came, then Easter and then it started to get warmer and I started to miss Ipswich and my Scarlett and hearing about her days at school. So the other day I saw a Mummy and I did something naughty - I blew my trumpet - just a gentle trumpety squeal and she saw me! She seemed quite baffled as to my being on the bookcase. Anyway she seemed really really happy to have come across me and I thought maybe she was so happy she would keep me and I would never get back.
"However I have since heard the Mummy saying I'm going in an envelope and in the post which I'm assuming is like going on a train or EasyJet because she has talked many times about me being lost and going home.
"I won't fib Scarlett, I have loved my adventure but I am sooooo delighted to be COMING HOME xxxx I can't wait for you to try jelly for breakfast too (I like earwig and marmite flavour best) and I'm sure when we get Daddy Dan to try a banana pizza he will want to be introducing them at the pub."


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