What to do when your seesaw gets stuck on the floor

I have just returned from a lovely three day break with my Mum in the middle of nowhere. We wore dressing gowns, had no decisions to make, slept well, ate good food and read alot.
I needed this break so much.
I always imagine life is like a seesaw. Bouncing up and down depending on what is taking my priority - the point is that it keeps moving so that the lovely stuff and the tough times smoothly alternate.

But then there comes a time when the seesaw gets stuck at the bottom and you just can't get up again. You keep pushing but all you do is bounce slightly. So after a while you just sit there waiting for someone to come along and get you moving again.
So I had been sitting on one end of the seesaw for a while and I had got so fed up, I was thinking about getting off. But I knew that if I got off it would be really hard to get back on....
And then this trip came along and the seesaw is now balanced and bouncing up and down with ease once again.
My seesaw just needs sleep, exercise, quiet time, the right food and kind people..... oh and an occasional dose of perspective.


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