Eat more fat, drink more wine and give up the toxins - three good books.

Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes
I should have read this a long time ago, Gary is a journalist so he writes in a really accessible way (and if you don't want to read the book, a precise of it is available through Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb podcasts as the talk he gave at the South African conference in 2015). My take home messages are: thank god I found the Harcombe Diet when I did; genetics; hormones; have patience; eat fewer carbs, dairy, coffee and nuts if weightloss stalling, leafy green vegetables have a low Gylcemic Index (GI) keeping you full for longer but can keep your carbohydrate intake high if you eat a lot of them and add more sodium to the diet to prevent losing too much when the kidneys excrete water (as insulin levels drop).

The Good News about Booze by Tony Edwards
Such a fun read, really amusing at times - he looks at lots of studies with large numbers of participants so uses (in my opinion) good science. My take home messages are: genes; that half a bottle of red wine every day may prevent you developing most diseases and conditions; that teetotallers have a shorter predicted lifespan; there is no evidence suggesting alcohol (and nuts) prevent weightloss, it is more what they might do to appetite; alcohol was shown to be a possible predictor of weightloss (so I won't panic over the occasional large glass of red); GI matters with drinks like beer; don't drink for the 'wrong reasons' and never on an empty stomach (as the alcohol goes straight to the intestines and is absorbed very quickly).

A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD
 This book is essentially aimed at women and seeing depression as a symptom but I think anyone would enjoy the read (she is very interesting when she talks about the side-effects of anti-depressants as well as statins and birth control pills). My take home messages are: gut health; to remember how important sleep and exercise are to me; to stay eating this way forever; to use my meditation app more; to filter my tap water; to take an activated B complex supplement and possibly maca powder (depending on how some results comes back) and to use as many products around the home free of nasty compounds. She does talk about eating carbs and reintroducing them once symptoms have subsided - it's interesting to read her reasoning (but they don't seem to work for me).


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