My 2020 Corona Diary - week one

How quickly the world changes. This time last week, I was looking forward to seeing Adam Kay, awaiting the re-opening of our pub and placing advertising for my boat.
Now, I am looking at a calendar full of scribbled deletions, wondering if we will have to close the pub by the end of next week and working through the financial implications of at least two months of cruise cancellations and refunds.
At the beginning of this week, the virus seemed to be at quite a distance but now I know of people who have it. I suppose it's only a matter of time before it creeps further into our world.
I have been at home a lot more since leaving my previous job, but now I am almost permanently here. I am calling it a half-isolation as I walk the dog, see the friends who want to walk too and go out for essential home and work bits (the latter, I assume, will not exist next week).
When I am in it, the outside world seems sad. The people I talk to at the park and in the shops all seem flatter, but everyone needs to talk. Sharing stories, thinking through possible scenarios and even finding the funny side - like my friend who isolated her Mum, only to find her too busy to chat in the garden when she dropped her food off.... because she had a friend round!
My days also seem to be filled with cancellation e mails and calls to have theatre tickets refunded (I might not be earning any money, but at least some is coming back). The school day is shorter, as there are no longer after-school rehearsals for Legally Blonde, and ballet lessons are cancelled until further notice.
Whilst we wait for this to pass, I am trying to think of positives (getting outside more, being nicer to each other, seeing signs of community and kindness) and I am looking forward to the creative solutions people devise. In the last five minutes, I have read the BBC's response and am looking forward to ploughing through the Waking the Dead back catalogue.
I am also going to make a list of 'nineteen things to do during Covid-19' (thank you for the inspiration Gretchen Rubin).
I shall report back.... and, just in case you are worried, we have plenty of toilet roll.


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