My 2020 Corona Diary - week four

This week seems to have been much harder - for us and the country. Hearing Boris Johnson had been taken to hospital, and then had been moved to Intensive Care, on two consecutive evenings just before bedtime hasn't helped. There are many ways I thought I would be bothered by him; not one of them was worrying about his health during the night.
School 'broke up' last Thursday which has impacted the day more than I realised, because there is now no real reason to keep the structure of the day through school work. And, of course, we can't just pile to the beach or the park, the cinema or a restaurant as we normally would.
The pull of screens is real. And with no social contact, it is hard to implement hard guidelines. And the upset of no internet was felt very strongly over the 48 hours we waited for BT to replace a wire nibbled by a rodent (the joys of almost-country living).
No amount of me suggesting colouring, reading, playing outside was going to work... in the end I told her I appreciated how hard it was for her (to be fair they really don't know any different) and we stopped fighting.
We have maintained our regular exercise and we have started using the Ordnance Survey map to look for footpaths near our home. The photo above was taken first thing on Saturday morning, when we headed out without S - a corona-style 'date night - and I am sure it will be one of my favourites.


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