My Corona Diary 2020 - week eight

Well, we're still in lockdown but we have the promise of big announcements on Sunday evening. This should impact us considerably as, not only will we be interested in the measures put in place for easing lockdown and if school children will return, but any outcomes relating to running businesses in hopsitality or tourism will be of importance to us. So, if you need us, we will be taking notes in front of the telly Sunday at around 4pm.
In other news, I lost my mojo. Reading back through these weekly missives, I think it has been slowly drifting away from me; and the main issue feels work-related.

The daily fight to be accepted for a business grant has felt pointless on occassion.

Thankfully, I can usually reflect on my feelings and it has seemed most likely that the last few weeks has seen a decrease in my sense of meaning and purpose. There was an initial 'call to arms' that suited me, then a period of staying on top of schooling, work issues and new habits, but now this has started to drift... 

So I 've done the only thing I can and returned to the daily schedule. So far, this has involved walking the dog earlier (and a bit further), submitting the second assignment of my proof-reading course and signing up to a daily drawing class.

And this Sunday, we should hear what comes next....


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