Hitting the half-term wall


Firstly, I did not even realise it was half-term this week. That is how uninvolved I have become in our daughter’s schoolwork. In year 8, at her school, it is all about self-directed learning so I must admit that after the intense adjustment period that was April 2020, I have stopped asking if she has any homework to hand in.

So, what differences can I expect this week? If this morning is anything to go by, sleeping until 9am and conveniently forgetting about Joe Wicks... We have introduced a ‘helping around the home’ list (unpaid but she can earn non-food rewards) and for the 15th time I have reset the apple screen limits – anyone else find they seem to last a few weeks at best?

[At this point I wonder if she has worked out my passcode and is playing me like a fiddle]

I am not anticipating any change in the following areas:

a) snacking – a Wispa and some Haribo were eaten by 11am today (I have no idea how she found them or who even brought them into the home).

b) screen use – oh how I wish she would read a book for pure joy, pick up a craft project or go out for a walk/run. Those dreams are unrealistic and not helpful because she socialises and learns about the world online and I must go with it… within time limits. Making it a point of contention means potentially losing the line of communication with your child, and with a girl that is very important (said someone wise).

c) washing – we are in lockdown, we have not had a visitor in three months, school uniform was last worn in 2020 so why is my washing basket so full, all of the time?


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