Snow days prepared us for lockdown



I love a Snow Day (or three) at the best of times but snowy days in lockdown are so much more exciting. When you have been staring at four walls and a screen for more time than you care to remember, seeing and engaging with the same environment in a totally different way is distinctly cheering.

It dawned on me today that perhaps occasional UK snow days helped train us for our first lockdown...

The cancelling of everything in your diary for at least the next 48 hours.

Staying home and checking you have enough milk, bread and, of course, toilet roll.

The sense of  ‘everyone is in this together’ and no-one you speak to is doing anything different to you.

Taking your exercise outside; an hour a day is about all you can manage in the freezing, wet conditions.

Hearing the beautifully vague phrase ‘only travel if it is essential to do so’.

The only real difference comes later on, once you have enjoyed the snow, and returned home to dry off and warm up - without a hot chocolate or a mulled wine in the local pub or at our friend's house. Because you did all this on your own, or with your family, the experience might not be shared or something you can laugh about in the future.

I do feel Snow Days prepare you for lockdown, but perhaps nothing quite prepares you for the social isolation.


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