Vaccine number one, complete


Vaccine number one all done. I went to our local practice that is flying ahead. Apparently by the first week of January, they had vaccinated more people than had been vaccinated in France, the whole country.

Seriously impressive, seriously stream-lined.

I cam away feeling pleased it's done (and hopeful I have done the right thing... I keep wondering about all the bright people I know saying they won't be having it) but have then walked straight into the phased easing of lockdown so now I'm thinking about that.

Two things to be happy about:

a) schools reopening on the 8th March and our days becoming easier to plan.

b) pubs opening sooner than my husband thought and how much happier that will make him feel.

As always, I will take some time to process everything because I'm not great with change that is not mine!

[Looking at this photo, I am slightly disappointed by the wrinkles in my hands]


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