Friday, 26 February 2010

Left holding a dustpan and brush

I just wrote a really prolific - and quite amusing - post when somehow (and this happens ALOT) my cursor drifted over some unknown key, selected all the text and deleted it just as it was autosaved.

How can that happen?
Ctrl + Z Ctrl + Z Ctrl + Z but still nothing came back.

In a nutshell this is what it said:

Darling Husband is on a last minute to Turin in return for completing the removal of the woodchip wallpaper in our hallway.

House has been invaded by workmen this week who have been plastering walls and fitting very nice cast iron rescued fireplace.

House is therefore very dusty and I have spent much of every evening this week cleaning, sweeping and chipping off plaster drips.

I am tired and really need some sleep but have mentally written myself a long list of jobs and tasks that need doing. I was just pondering why I would have done something so daft when the text disappeared.

I think I will fast-forward to bath and bed (in the clean sheets that are a must when you have the bed to yourself), read my book and rest my weary head on one of these lovely cushions I treated myself to (just £15 each from the Futon Company).

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Three things that make me smile

My little family having an impromptu breakfast picnic.

My cabling (self-taught too)

In my recent Open University course I was awarded 89% for the essay on Victorian Britain that I struggled so hard with.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Little bright moments in an otherwise damp old day

[Forgive me for any errors in this post - I had to stop many times to kiss Iggle Piggle or Upsy Daisy and administer fluids]

I have started feeding the birds. Everyone flew away as I approached (Wildlife Photographer of the Year - not) but my suet and seed mix - thanks CBeebies - is quite popular.

I gave up on my snowdrops last year and thought the bulbs had rotted away but look ... a little bit of white (it is the only one I can find so that makes it even more special, let's hope the dog doesn't wee on it).

This was the comedy Christmas present from my husband, but I love him. I haven't shown you the extra large solar lamp that comes out of his head - it's not his best feature.

There's nothing like a bit of new growth to brighten me up - here are my tulips. I am not talented at planting and have no eye for colour but this pot is good, suspiciously good, and I can't wait to see them again.

Have I shown you my Olive tree? A little treat for turning 40.

Nothing to do with today but posted as evidence that 'Star' did once let me put gloves on her - but we can't do a hat and gloves at once. No wonder she is always ill.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Here we go again ...

We spent the weekend in Harrogate; I was working at the biggest bunny show this country has ever seen whilst Dan was playing house husband. We got off to a bit of an icky start with Scarlett vomiting all over the twin room in the rented cottage and then we had lots of disrupted sleep but we ended the weekend a happy little family driving home on a cold sunny day.
As last week was possibly the busiest working week I have had as a juggling mother I was pleased to turn the page on this week to see nothing more taxing than some easy work and a bit of playgroup [there is a hell of a lot of housework I am conveniently not mentioning here - you could write your name in the dust on our window sills].
So imagine my surprise when, on the way home from work, I had a call from nursery to say Scarlett was running a huge temperature and had started barking like a dog - well they didn't say that, that's my interpretation of her cough.